Our clients are awfully proud of what we have done.  We wanted to hear more from them, so we engaged an independent third party group to make some calls.  Here are some testimonials from a few of our clients:

“Chris & David,
Thank you guys for your excellent work. I appreciate all your efforts in getting this done. You guys (Parker Associates) are the best.
Best Regards.”

Steve Paris,  CEO
First Class Waterfront Properties, LLC
Miami, Florida

“You guys at Parker Associates really knocked this research study out of the park. You went above and beyond and I would be happy to provide a letter of recommendation in the future if you ever need it.”

Doug Davis
Fletcher Davis Company
St. Johns, Florida

“I had no idea the work from Parker Associates was going to be so complete and thorough. It was beyond well done…it was excellent. I will definitely bring them in on any future Eminent Domain cases with their expert market understanding and as expert witnesses when we have to go into the court room. Chris and David are a must for every team. Thanks guys.”

Mark Natirboff
The Law Office of D. Mark Natirboff, P.A.
Eminent Domain & Private Property Rights Law
Jacksonville, Florida

“The research study material Chris and David Parker provided us was exactly what we were looking for and has proven very helpful.”

William A Ockenden, CGR, CAPS, CGP
WAO Builders Inc.
Orlando, Florida

“You guys (Parker Associates) rounded this Market Survey Study project out very professionally and we are very pleased.”

Ellis Harr
Special Projects Manager
Jacksonville, Florida

“The Parker Associates Team doesn’t give you a typical market research package that relies on statistics available to everybody. They really do research the market, understand it, and gear the recommendations to that specific project within that specific market place. That is the reason I continue to use them over and over. I have a lot of faith in the Parker Associates team.”

Roger Postlethwaite
Landmar Group/Greenpointe Communities
Jacksonville, Florida

“The Parker Associates crew delivered on time and they did what they said they would.”

Gerry Kenny
Kenny Construction Company
Palatine, Illinois

“Parker Associates is very effective; if we ever get into that kind of project again we would use them. They have tremendous analytical ability in terms of the market. They can define what the market will bear and what will sell.”

Herb Peyton
Gate Land Company
Jacksonville, Florida

“The Parker Associates fee was definitely worth the value to us. They are not afraid to give you their opinion, which not all developers want to hear. They were candid and had the facts to back it up. It was a pleasure working with Chris and David. I would highly recommend them.”

Andy Younts
Vice President
Miami Lakes Development Co.
Miami Lakes, Florida